Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Any time a sports season approaches someone writes about or does a segment along the lines of "10 key questions". The bottom line is the search for one. Who is the best team? In many cases it coincided with who wins the championship. I think that applies to college football for the 2011 campaign. Alabama without question is the BCS champ. From my chair I think all doubt has been removed as to who the top team is as well. I dismiss all the Oklahoma State supporters as they lost to a 6 & 7 team. If they were so special we're not having this conversation. Oregon fans have no say as well with the loss to USC. The performance of the Tide defense last night goes in the books as one of the most clutch, memorable and dominating in sports championship history.
If I live to be a million I'll never understand why Les Miles didn't pull Jordan Jefferson for Jarrett Lee at quarterback. What did they have to lose. By halftime it was apparent JJ had no answer and no chance to put points on the board against that Bama "D". At least with Lee you can try bombs away. Even if he threw one of his patented pick 6 disasters, what's the difference? The Tide defense is unique as they have the speed to chase sideline to sideline, much like LSU, but the main difference is they eat you alive inside as well. Don't forget they were the top ranked defense in the country by a fairly wide spread. They allowed just 191 yards a game. LSU was 2nd at 252. That's more than a 25% difference. No contest. One of the best ever. Well done. 2nd Natty in the last 3 years.

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