Thursday, January 19, 2012


Just read the piece about why Penn State fired Joe Paterno. The board of trustees determined his lack of action upon hearing about children being raped justified his termination. He didn't do anything except wait a full day then make some kind of half assed communication to a higher up. Then as the scope & horror of the scandal exploded he greeted fans on his front lawn to lead them in school cheers. I'm also disturbed by the support he continues to receive. This whole logic of trying to incorporate what his reputation "was" holds no water. I've mentioned this before but regardless of past accomplishments or perceptions, when you shield a child rapist they're rendered completely meaningless and you are a clueless dirt bag.
This is the most important regular season game the Oregon men hoopers have played since beating Arizona at The Pit to end 2008. That hit the 18 win mark and put them at .500 in the Pac 10 so despite losing to Washington State in round one of the Conference tournament they got an invite to the Big Dance. They must win this game. USC is reeling. They have an out of league loss to Cal Poly where they managed just 36 points. In a defeat versus New Mexico the Trojans totalled a measly 41 at home. They're searching for that 1st Pac 12 victory. If the Ducks are to hit some of those aspirations this season, a slip up at this juncture is not acceptable. It's hard to be sold on exactly what this 2nd edition of Dana Alman's Oregon is, but I'll be curious to see their development as I'm a believer coach can take them some terrific places.

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