Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Latest ESPN poll has Tim Tebow first as fans favorite active pro athlete. About 15-hundred interviewed from a national sample. He got 3% of the vote. Kobe received two. The top five was rounded out by Aaron Rodgers, Peyton and Tom Brady who received support between 1.5 and 1.9 percent. This was not quite a Nixon versus McGovern 1972 presidential landslide. I think it's more interesting than telling. If you surveyed 1500 different folks and asked them which active professional jock they hated most, I wonder if Tebow makes the list? I'd hope not, but I don't trust the judgement of people because they might possibly watch "Jersey Shore". Right now if a guy with a clip board walked up to you outside a restaurant, stadium or in a mall and hit you with "top 3 pro athletes right now", what would your answer be? Same circumstance, "least favorite trio of pro athletes right now"? We'll chat this up on Crunchtime & SportsTalk this afternoon.
Nice win for the Blazers at home last night avenging one of their two defeats this season. On day one of 2012 they came up light in a comeback attempt against the Clippers in LA. The Clips attempt at a rally fell a tad short in Portland. Make a note of something that could prove key. Free throw shooting. Just the season before last the Blazers were in the bottom third, but for the 2nd consecutive year they're sky high, 2nd best in the Association. When you have a go to guy who teams would prefer to foul, typically a big guy, it can be an achillies heel, particularly in the playoffs. If they go inside to Aldridge, he knocks out 79%. Of their crunch time performers Gerald Wallace is okay at 75% but that's very strong for 5th. Felton is 77%, Mathews drops them at a 90% clip with Crawford longtime money from the stripe at 85%. Just another aspect where they can hurt you. Camby had extended minutes last night. On the floor for 35, most since the 29 logged in the opener versus Philly. Nobody played better than my man Wes Matthews. His +/- of plus 16 blew everyone away, only Gerald Wallace at +11 was close. Orlando is in tonight. ESPN has the double header with Mavs/Boston Whiners then Heat/Clips but you can sneak the Portland game on in low def on KEVU.

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Unknown said...

Steve, I have been listening to your show for a couple of years, and though I am mostly a fan, I think you do yourself a disservice in some of the absolutes you dish out. Two news items this weekend, the Darron Thomas story, and the Bernie Fine accuser admitting that he lied story should give you pause before you next call those those who have other opinions in these affairs, "idiots", or "delusional" Sometimes, you would be better served by waiting awhile to let these kinds of strings play out before you adopt the preaching pulpit, IMO.