Monday, January 9, 2012


For all those losing their minds in the wake of the Denver victory over Pittsburgh yesterday you do realize the "BRONCOS" beat the Steelers, not just Tim Tebow right?? Don't get me wrong, my admiration for this guy grows with each accomplishment but Timmy isn't a one man show. I'm not a Steeler fan but any amateur analyst knows that Pitt "D" is far from 100% and the unit that won the AFC last year. Their best corner Ryan Clark was out, linebacker Lamar Woodley is operating at about 50% and they lost their 2 top lineman Casey Hampton and Brett Keisel. On offense obviously Big Ben is limited by that ankle ding, their top rusher was out with a torn ACL and Hines Ward is so banged up he's retiring. Throw in at least 3 dropped passes and the formula for the upset presented itself. Oh, their starting center Maurkice Pouncey was also out. All that said, it still took some brilliant execution, pinpoint throws by Tebow and a defense that got after the pocket. This was a tremendous, well deserved victory but please make an intelligent overall evaluation before you offer any over the top opinion.
I'll send out a cautionary thought to Packer fans thinking they're gonna run roughshod over the Giants. Don't ignore history. We just saw these 2 play a dynomite down to the wire masterpiece 5 weeks ago. New York's defense is healthier and better than they were back then and I know the game was at the Gmen's house. I don't trust the NY secondary all that much but not many have a Front 4 more capable of doing damage to the QB in the pocket especially with the return of Osi Uminyiora who was not on the field that day. He managed 9 sacks this year despite missing 7 complete games and parts of 3 others. I think it's the deepest defensive line in the NFL. Offensively they can do damage as witnessed that day in North Jersey.
Looking forward to the Natty tonight. I don't care what anyone says, the 2 best teams are vying for the BCS title. Remember, the goal of this organization is to present us the 2 top teams, not conference winners or jazzy styles. Far from perfect and ridiculous in the system NOT having a playoff, it's been far better since it's birth in 1998 than previously. Remember, from 1997 back the 2010 Ducks would have had to have defeated Wisconsin and hope Auburn lost the Sugar Bowl to win it a year ago. No one and nothing has convinced me Alabama isn't the 2nd best team in America.

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