Monday, January 23, 2012


I guess I just need to hit the hay earlier. Prior to turning in I figured today was all about who replaces Chip Kelly. Now? Not so much! Still, I'm thinking this conversation is more postponed than cancelled, just not for 2012. The most ridiculous aspect of the entire roller coaster ride is how personally people take it. Like Kelly owes them. For what? His half decade haven't provided substantial dividends? He should put some knucklehead radio host, newspaper guy or fan in section 12 ahead of his own dreams and aspirations? Please!
I was semi-surprised at my personal reaction to the death of Joe Paterno. It was pretty cold. I guess at age 51 I've come to realize the best people leave their impact when it's least convenient. Paterno had become king and felt it more important to protect the castle over the most innocent among us. I do not excuse that and if that rubs some the wrong way, I don't care!
How about them Giants! This edition of the Gmen best describes what the NFL is and how it differs from the college game. The NFL is actually much more like NCAA hoops. Survive and move on. Qualify for the post season tournament, heal up and make your move. Like UConn last March. Looked like they were dead in the water in the Big East Tournament. Rallied and never looked back. The Giants looked ticketed for tee times when they lost at home to Washington to fall to 7 & 7 with 2 games left. Now they're playing for a 2nd Super Bowl title the last 4 years.
From the AFC file, Bill Belichick is taking New England to Super Sunday for a 5th time. He also won it twice as defensive coordinator of the Giants in 86 and 90! That's 7 in 25 years. Pretty dominating figure in pro football!

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