Monday, January 16, 2012


Sorry! I'm not buying. Folks can talk till their blue in the face. Bring on all the stats or won/loss record. The decision by Darron Thomas and his friends or advisors is ridiculous. If he's sick of school, so be it. I guess first I should point out what a staunch supporter I've been of D.T from my preseason article on his potential to make New York as a Heisman Finalist. Then I took on some of you over the crackpot theory Bryan Bennett should be in there instead. I don't see Thomas as an NFL quarterback. Never did. Until he's out there in a regular season game taking snaps, I never will. You thought Tim Tebow didn't fit the mold because of his throwing motion and inaccuracy? At least he's physically capable at 240 lbs to bang with the big, bad, pro defenders. Look at all the successful NFL quarterbacks and let me know if D.T fits. He also lacks that classic throwing motion or ability to carve up a defense from the pocket. I love his leadership, heart and playmaking ability....IN THE COLLEGE GAME! He's one of my all time favorite Duck players. I can't imagine a general manager or personnel man spending a valuable draft pick on Darron. With the troubled season turned in by Colt McCoy we're still looking for our 1st spread option style QB to have legit success in the pro game. I almost fell out of my chair when Thomas mentioned Cam Newton. Really? A guy with linebacker size and a rocket for an arm is his barometer? Sorry, DT is not in Cam's league physically. Don't like this move at all.
I did, however, love the weekend in the NFL. If you listened to the shows Friday I provided a rarity with me. 100%. Hit every game, including the over in the New England blowout. The Texans covered the spread but should have won the game as they outplayed Baltimore. The Giants victory at Lambeau was kind of odd. The bounces and breaks went New York's way but the officiating crew seemed to favor the Pack. There was a phantom holding call to start a Giant drive, a terrible non-reversal on a blatant Green Bay fumble, a made up blow to the head call that bailed out Aaron Rodgers and some blind eye non holding calls on the Packers O'line. The Gmen are the most balanced team left of the Final 4 top to bottom. I like their chances.

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