Thursday, January 12, 2012


We've heard this annoying battle cry from State College, PA in the form of "We Are Penn State"! Sorry folks, that's no longer a source of pride but a disgrace or a punchline at best. Now we're hearing alleged child rapist Jerry Sandusky was sitting in the University President's private box for the Illinois game this season, a week before he was formally indicted. I remain amazed at the number of Nittany alum who are still in Joe Paterno's corner. If what Sandusky stands accused of is true, I feel Paterno should be on that list of slime balls who should face criminal charges. Last night(wed), PSU president Rodney Erickson got semi-raked over the coals during an alumni gathering in Pittsburgh. He tap danced around certain issues like how many defendants Penn State is paying legal fees for. Apparently the loudest applause came from the suggestion the entire PSU board of trustees steps down. Turns out disgraced ex-president Graham Spanier informed members of the board about the grand jury investigation into Sandusky months before he was charged in November. It's unfathomable he was allowed on campus and in particular to be a guest in that aforementioned president's private box for a football game.
On a lighter note, Manny "Another Juicer" Ramirez says if a team gives him another shot to play in the majors, he'll be a role model. I'll give you the necessary time to pick yourself up off the floor from hysterical laughter. Claims he wants to send a message that if you make a mistake, don't quit. Hmm! Bit to late for that Manny! Upon being informed he'd flunked another drug test he literally fled the country for Spain rather than face the 100 game suspension or even address the issue like a man. Any team that rolls the dice on this idiot deserves the snake eyes that will surely come up.
Big series in the desert for the Duck men. Arizona State is in a bit of turmoil and if Oregon is to make forward progress, they need to win games like this, even on the road. Catch ya later!

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