Friday, September 9, 2011

Back in the Saddle, by Casey Mitchell

I don't know about you guys, but it's been pretty tough for me for the last week watching Sports Center and hearing about how Oregon could have just been overrated or how we just can't win a big game. We now have Kiko Alonso back at linebacker this week after he was suspended for an alcohol-related offense in late May. Oregon is also welcoming back cornerback and kick-returner, Cliff Harris. The way this season is shaping out is reminding me alot of 2009, with a big loss on a national stage, and tomorrows trap game against Nevada like Purdue in 2009. I think that James will break out tomorrow for a big game and DT will only throw half the attempts he threw last week. Oregon doesn't have to have a great game to win, we just need to be able to manage the game and not waste any opportunities. But when you turn the ball over 4 times in your own territory, it's gonna be tough to win a ball game any day of the week. Prediction -- Ducks 42 Wolfpack 24.

Terrelle Pryor, who is supposed to be suspended the first five games of the year, is appealing the ban. His former coach, Jim Tressel, is suspended for 7 games as the Colts gameday advisor. Only one thing is different.... Tressel can still secretly give Indianapolis advice, but it would be pretty darn tough for Pryor to sneak into the game without anyone realizing. If Pryor gets his appeal passed, wouldn't you think that Tressel could get back into the league. Regardless of what people are saying, getting back Tressel wouldn't be even in the same realm of importance to a football team as getting back Terrelle.

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