Monday, September 12, 2011


The heck with national security, the economy or healthcare. Oregon won big and that's all that matters right? No more imbeciles throwing up "Fire Chip Kelly" websites. We no longer have to hear about SEC superiority or how easy it is to figure the Duck offense with lot's of prep time. It's all kisses, autographs and sunglasses. They're in the top 15 with another bunny on the schedule. The joke is, the U of O can possibly sneak back into the top 10 for the start of conference play.
As a player, getting a real kick out of how that USC/Utah game ended and what it meant to the betting line. Trojans were anywhere between a 7 1/2 and 9 1/2 point favorite. It's 17-14 Southern Cal with the Utes lining up for the tying field goal on the final play. SC blocks it and returns it for a TD but get flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct when the sideline empties onto the field to celebrate. The game temporarily goes in the books as a 3 point Trojan win. Utah backers cash their tickets, game over! Or is it? About 2 hours later the Pac 12 announces that with the game over, the penalty should not have been allowed, the points are good, 23-14 final. Nevada and the illegal books around the country are thrown into turmoil. What if you ripped up that winning ticket? Those who already got their dough certainly are not giving it back. Officials estimate about half a mil was wagered legally but probably 10 times that with bookies around the country. Hysterical!
I guess you have to go back to 1996 to find Oregon State football in such a hopeless state. They'd gone 2 & 9 under Jerry Pettibone and handed the reigns to Mike Riley who brought some hope into 1997. This could get ugly because they don't have the patsy to guarantee a win as their other out of conference game is against a pretty solid BYU team. They have the bye before revving it up against UCLA. This is easily Coach Riley's most difficult situation since he returned from the NFL in 2003. Gonna be rough.

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