Thursday, September 15, 2011


Just heard Warren Sapp on the Dan Patrick show. They were discussing the issues surrounding his beloved UUUUU, those Miami Hurricaines who are playing the Violations Bowl this weekend against Ohio State. Sapp made a great point. ESPN forces a dunderhead like Lou Holtz on us. As a coach had sanctions levied against him at Minnesota, Arkansas and South Carolina but somehow sidestepped punishment despite a book written about his cheating at Notre Dame. Then they take the moral highground. What a freaking joke! Count me a member of the Warren Sapp fan club from this point forward.
Missoui State is taking a $440,000.00 haul for making the trip to Eugene. Back in 1979 my buddy's mom paid me $20 bucks and filled my tank with gas to pick up her son from Scranton University before Thanksgiving weekend. It was about a 5 1/2 hour round trip. I think the Bears are getting a much better deal.
Word from the coach is Josh Huff and Kenyon Barner took part in practice. Great news. Still doesn't mean they'll play. With some serious new talent, let's not forget how important having those 2 at full strength will be once conference play begins. Both guys bring an awful lot to the table and were important pieces to reaching the Natty last year. Sometimes fans get a bit enamored with the new toy and take some of the others they've enjoyed for granted.

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