Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Sometimes a talented young player is tagged with POTENTIAL and it follows them for their entire career. The news of that horrifying plane crash which took the lives of just about the entire Russian hockey team reminded me of another frequently used "p" word, perspective. Folks up in arms because the Ducks lost to LSU, ripping on the coaches, the scheme and all things whiny, spoiled fans dwell on now seem even more petty in the wake of this tragedy. I really hate to fly and when news like this hits, I see the logic of John Madden even more. It's nitpicky for sure, but I was listening to that Cowerd fella working out this morning when the news hit and some names came to light of those who perished. One was Pavol Demitra who played for about a decade and a half in the NHL, scored 300 goals and was a 3 time all star. Cowerd claimed he'd never heard of him though P.D's career ended the season before last. Look, if you spent your entire career in Seattle, Eugene or another non-NHL town, fine. But this goofball has been national for many years now. Just proves he might be the least knowledgeable host of that kind of a show, maybe ever. If it's not the major story, program or franchise, he's got nothing. Makes me even more pleased to know the Cowboys will fall on their face because C.C picked them to have a great season. It was just over 10 years ago 10 people involved with the Oklahoma City basketball team perished in a crash. Makes you feel like you have no problems.

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