Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Sometimes folks can be dismissive. Because of where my passions and loyalities lie when the subject of the Red Sox or perhaps Huskies surfaces, some who listen think I'm just rattling the cage. It's been the case as I love rivalries and good old theraputic sports hate. It doesn't mean that when I offer up an honest opinion you shouldn't listen. I've been harping for years that an element of those who are 'suddenly' huge Bosox supporters have set the bar at it's lowest point for fanaticism that I can recall. There are people who couldn't tell you the difference between a splitter and a curve that act like they were there when Yaz won the Triple Crown in 67 or still feel the pain of the 1978 collapse. It's the single biggest bandwagon in my 40+ years following sports and it's not even close. These clown have become arrogant, entitled and just because they've experienced a championship or two now consider it a birthright. You hear them burning up the Beantown airwaves with a flood of negativity, completely missing the point that they can still make the playoffs. Sound familiar? I'm calling out Oregon fans because you are following the same path. For years Red Sox fans detested the Yankees and their supporters who in their opinion had no appreciation for the consistent success that was enjoyed. 20 years ago Duck fans singled out Washington fans for many of the same traits they now put on display on a national level. Nothing worse than becoming what you despise. Be careful Oregon fans!
Lot of talk about Michael Vick and his treatment by defenders and officials. Gotta put aside your personal feelings and I'm nauseated by his mere existence much less knowing he still plays in the NFL. That said, he got hurt on a play that should have drawn a flag on tackle Chris Canty. His complaint he isn't protected like other quarterbacks is pure sour grapes. He doesn't act like other QB's. When he leaves the pocket, it's not in a protective mode. He's like a back carring the rock or a receiver on an end around. He's looking to make yards and not slide like just about every other quarterback we've seen since Steve Young retired. Defenders can not take a chance he's gonna pull it down and keep running. The guy is unique and must be defended differently.

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