Thursday, September 29, 2011


In a poll on today's Dan Patrick show they asked which team you'd have preferred to root for this season the Red Sox or the Orioles. I almost fell over when 60% voted for Baltimore. Are you kidding me?? On Memorial Day the Birds were playing around .500 ball and just 4 1/2 behind in the East. By July 4th, 13 1/2 behind, pretty much dead in the water, but just 2 weeks later they're toast, 19 1/2 back. Season over! So 60% of people who are supposed to be sports fans actually like no shot? I don't buy it! Same poll, after letting a few days pass, it's gotta be 95% Bosox.
By the way, does anyone have the art of losing mastered quite like the Red Sox from an historical point of view? We've seen collapses and horrifying losses from half court heaves to hail mary's, but no one does it quite like them Bosox!
Interesting question to ponder for Duck football fans. What are your thoughts on the wide receivers? We knew coming in there were big shoes to fill with the departures of Jeff Maehl and D.J Davis. Most felt the burden would start with Lavasier Tuinei and Josh Huff then a bunch of unprovens had to capitalize on opportunity. Have they? Will they? Or, with the innovative offensive minds running the show, will they simply distribute the ball to pass catchers who don't necessarily carry the title "wide out"? Look forward to your thoughts.

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