Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Did my memory fail? Don't you recall after the 9-1-1 attacks there was a kind of unwritten deal in the sports media that we'd stop referring to ballplayers as brave or courageous for what they do on the field? Emergency responders were properly lauded. Then we went to war and it became more emphatic that soldiers showed real courage, not a QB standing in the pocket. Single moms and dads who bust their tails on a daily basis to raise children can be considered courageous. If I hear another knucklehead use that term in reference to Cowboy QB Tony Romo, I'm gonna lose it! The guy is tough, I'll give him that, but he's paid handsomely to be a football player. It's fun. It's entertaining. It's not life and death.
You guys hear the injury faking has now graduated to the next level? Now an uproar exists in the NFL for defensive player going down to hault an up tempo offense. Where have I heard this before? I'll be interested to see if the leauge issues some kind of mandate. Already today on national radio there are calls for keeping an "injured" guy out for at least that series.
Lot of talk about possible concerns regarding the Duck defense. I wouldn't use the term "concern" because I never felt the 2011 edition would measure up to last year's group this early in the season. I think the talent is there, but like the offensive line, it's gonna take time for guys to grow into and succeed in new roles with so much talent gone, in particular up front and at the linebacker position. We will learn much this week against the top passing attack Oregon will have faced to date by far in Tucson.

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