Tuesday, September 13, 2011


For many years we laughed at his antics. Viewed as perhaps the greatest right handed hitter in the American League since Joe Dimaggio, when he stepped outside logic say taking a quick whiz during a pitching change behind the Green Monster it was only Manny being Manny. Then the Mitchell Report came around, baseball started testing for performance enhancing drugs and suddenly he wasn't cute or quirky. Manny Ramirez was nothing short of a liar and a cheat. Multiple times. More than anyone. To a point where rather than accept a substantial suspension, he quit. Now word comes down he was arrested for domestic violence. Allegedly slapped his wife so hard she hit her head hard on their bed's headboard. She called 9-1-1 fearing the situation would get more dangerous. He was released from the clink this afternoon and ordered by the judge in the case not to contact his wife. Another dirt bag who will join Bonds, Rodriguez, Sosa, Clemens and McGwire with legendary statistics, but who will never, ever get a whiff of the Hall of Fame.
I've been hearing some commentators downplay the 517 yard, 4 touchdown performance of Tom Brady last night. The logic appears to be it was against the Dolphins so is it really a big deal. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? It's an NFL defense. The guy was magnificent.
During the lockout, I don't recall one so called expert saying the league will become even more pass happy. We heard about the offense perhaps having an edge over the defense, but not this. Yes, it's week one, but I see a touch of college with teams just spreading the field and slinging it all over the yard to the open man. It's why New England is such a threat to post an elite record. They have a QB who can shoot it out with anyone.
Enjoy your Tuesday.

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