Wednesday, March 21, 2012


You know the obnoxious kid on "The Simpsons"? Anytime Bart or Homer screw up he makes an appearance with the "Ha Ha"! Nelson needs a ticket to Saint's headquarters. Roam the halls. Ha Ha any and everyone within earshot. Do we really need a counterpoint to every issue that surfaces? For once can't logic just overwhelm us to the point where we all acknowledge a fact then move on. Of course that would run Fox News off the air, but in the world of IQ's above 27, it's worth dreaming. There is no other side to Roger Goodell hammering New Orleans. They were flat out told to stop and they thumbed their nose and continued. Documented evidence. Facts. No gray area. Deal with it! I think everyone involved in this bounty program should be banned from the NFL for life. What a bunch of scumbags. In this day and age we have learned so much about the long term impact of head, neck and related injuries it's despicable. The game is violent and insane enough without adding the element of deliberate. End of story!

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