Thursday, March 22, 2012


I'm not as hysterical over Tebow to the NYJ as most. I like the concept of pushing Mark Sanchez who after 3 years as a starter has not progressed as you'd hope with top flight guys. Also not sure if this whole Timmy running the wildcat makes sense. Didn't that fad pass yet? I've always felt Tebow did have a place in the league with his athleticism, work ethic and various X-factors. Just not sure exactly what it is. I remain adamant he's not a legit starter. Just have to wait and see how this soap opera plays out and how the draft goes.
A national college hoop guy, Seth Davis, called Illinois a Top 10 job in discussing VCU's Shaka Smart turning it down. I gotta call B.S on that! Michigan State, Ohio State, Indiana. That's 3 more substantial gigs in that conference alone. North Carolina, Duke, UCLA, Kansas, Syracuse, UConn, Louisville, Kentucky. That's 11. Case closed.
Still surprised so many are calling out NFL commish Roger Goodell for dropping the hammer on the Saints. Not surprised bounties exist, but once discovered and a franchise is told, STOP, any penalty they suffer once the program continues is on them. The level of slime is pretty big here. In the past 2-3 years we've learned from the medical community the long term horrifying impact of neck, head, joint ect injuries. Then you have the basic violent, dangerous nature of football. I say Goodell did well.

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