Thursday, March 8, 2012


Seriously, for the college hoop fan, this day, the Thursday leading up to Selection Sunday is beyond fantastic. There are 49 March Madness related games today. 49 teams will win games and keep dreaming of either making the Big Dance field or take it a step further and fantasize about a Final 4. No scoreboard watching. No hoping the team above you in the standings slips up. Just win baby. While we love our college football, that mentality is extremely limited as the post season arrives. It's a beautiful thing. Ducks take on Colorado at 8:30 for the right to advance to the Pac 12 semi finals and pad that at large resume. They turned in kind of an uneven effort to send that awful Utah team packing in the opener. 2 point game at halftime, solid defense over the final 20 minutes. The Buffs shot poorly hitting just 15 total field goals, connecting for just 35% from the field and a measley 1 of 11 from downtown. At this point Oregon is playing better ball than Colorado, but on a neutral site, in a cut throat one and done situation, it's about the performance in the moment. In a case like this I head for the heartless world of gambling. No loyalties, no allegiance, just cold hard analysis. Oddsmakers say Ducks - 3 1/2 with some offense expected as the over/under sits at 140.
I'm officially counting down the amount of games Nate McMillian has as Trailblazer coach. They're last in the division. Did not look good last night at Minny. Nate has yet to prove he's a guy who can elevate a team. Nice guy. Bridged the gap between the period of disgrace & horror and now, but it's not happening and I don't think it will. 27 games left in the regular season then he's out and it's the dawn of another new era for the Portland Trailblazers.

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