Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I remember seething after seeing an interview with former NFL Player & FOX commentator Tony Siragusa. He said Joey Harrington was not his kind of guy and if the situation surfaced he'd hang on the "other" side of the club. Apparently Joey's classy demeanor during interviews and fact he played the piano rubbed the Goose the wrong way. Another macho, neanderthal idiot. For openers, Siragusa was like 40 years old at the time of the comment. Guys that age who hang out in clubs are creepy. Maybe not Sandusky creepy, but the weird old guy. Now we're getting dunderheads like Mike Golic taking this NFL Bounty mess in stride saying it's not a big deal. I don't get it. The nature of football is violent with penchant for causing injury. We're not only talking play to play, game to game or season to season, but those with life altering results. Unlike Siragusa or Golic, many of us take pride in learning, making progess, evaluating data and actually evolving. Another thing that gets me is fans calling the NFL hypocrites because they cash in on big hits with DVD's & other material. The league can certainly be called out for it's faults but they've dialed way, way back on this kind of stuff for years as the long term nightmares of concussions, neck injuries and related conditions become known. Again, learning or information gathering and a willingness to move forward. You really think the league wants to put it's marquee guys at risk? The rules have been beyond tweaked, but twisted to protect the skill players, not the defenders. Figure it out!


Sandman02 said...

Steve, the only reason why these type of things exist is because Defenses get a "free pass" when it comes to this sort of thing in Football.

Wide Receivers aren't out hunting Linebackers and Safeties every single play like the defense is expected to.

In someways I prefer how Hockey and Rugby handle dirty players. You will get what is coming to you on the next sequence since all players play both directions.

I wonder if Golic would feel the same way if he knew he'd be on the receiving end after a dirty hit.

Sandman02 said...
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Steve Tannen said...

Sandman...could not agree more. Well played.

Anonymous said...

Wow, dude. Jealous much? Don't hate on successful players just bc u couldn't cut it. Stuff happens. Just don't pull a muscle typing too much or your blog may go down.