Thursday, March 29, 2012


I'm officially calling out all my anti-baseball people. Those who send those arrogant emails and texts about tuning out the minute major league baseball surfaces on our shows. Got some bad news for you. Did another survey over the course of weeks that incorporated more than 100 people which is substantial in this market. You are in a big MINORITY. 110 responses. 61 indicated not only a preference for our national pasttime, but call me out when I seemingly cave to the crybabies who can't think past football. 17 really did not like baseball talk. The others were a mix of if it's interesting, they like the way I present it, take or leave, not a real adamant stance. So from this point forward, I'm responding in one way and one way only. When you whine and moan about MLB on an American sports program on an ESPN station it's simple. The terrorists have won.

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