Saturday, March 17, 2012

Madness, by Casey Mitchell

This is Casey Mitchell guest blogging for ST today. A lot of peoples brackets across the nation suffered a big blow with yesterdays upsets. First it was Norfolk St knocking of Mizzou in a thrilling game that came down to the last shot. Missouri was just inches away from avoiding a huge upset, with the final shot bouncing off the back iron. And just when we thought that it couldn't get any crazier... It did. The Duke Blue Devils were a favorite to get to the Final four, but I guess Lehigh didn't get the memo. The Mountain Hawks did a great job defending the perimeter, keeping Duke to just 6 - 26 from beyond the arc. Oh, and were not even finished. 4 seed Michigan had too many missed opportunities and couldn't get past the second round with a loss to Ohio. Yesterday marked the first time in history that 3 teams seeded 13 or lower won on the same day. There are now 8 double digit seeded teams left in the tournament. With the first and second rounds now in the books, it is sure to be a great rest of the tournament with a lot more surprises.
In the race for Peyton Manning, a new team is now in the running. San Francisco is now the dark horse team to get Manning. It now looks like it is a three team race to get him between the 49ers, Titans and the Broncos. If you think about it, Manning wants to get to another Super Bowl and the Niners are just the team to get him there. Last season they were just a couple of fumbles way from beating the Giants. The only question would be if they want to get rid of Alex Smith. Last season, Smith showed the whole world what he is made of. I'm not sure if Alex Smith is a guy you can build your franchise around, but Peyton Manning probably only has 4 or 5 good years left.

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