Monday, March 26, 2012


It was January 24th, 2008. Perhaps the most embarrassing behavior I've personally witnessed at a college game. Oregon fans, led by the Pit Crew, hurling hate at Kevin Love. Homophobia on display. Made the wonderful city of Eugene seem like Podunk. Ignorance. At this point I'm thinking KLove won. He's one of the best players in the NBA. So many hoped he'd fail because he made that ridiculous decision to attend UCLA and play basketball. No one ever succeeded doing that right? I enjoy watching him knowing the morons from that despicable evening are getting it crammed down their throats! Awesome.
This is the most historic Final 4 in history. At least since the field expanded to being bracket-friendly in 1985. Check these numbers. Kentucky-15, Kansas-14, Ohio State-11, Louisville-9. Amount of F4's each has participated in. Still can't imagine Wildcats losing this thing.
A final thought on this tournament. Do not let your feelings one way or another for John Calipari or the one and done rule impact how you evaluate this Kentucky team. They are terrific. Play hard. Live to defend. They hoist the trophy & make it way up my list of all timers.
Someone asked if Tiger should be the favorite at Augusta. Really? 7 straight years in top 6. Just won. Still the most talented player on the planet. Rory has 1. This is not a debate.

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