Friday, September 17, 2010


Is it me or did the time between New Mexico and Tennessee fly by while this week kind of dragged. I guess the negative news about the basketball program slows things down. Of course, the laughable thing is within about an hour of the actual kickoff we'll be thinking about Arizona State because barring an intergallactic intervention, this is going to be a complete and total wipeout. Think the folks at Autzen who handle Duckvision would be adverse to throwing on some of Texas/Texas Tech or another more ingriguing, closer on the scoreboard matchup? Probably not!
Two words. STAY HEALTHY!
Tonight's California and Nevada game from Reno is extremely interesting with the Pac 10 knocking heads with the WAC. Lot of talk in the pre-season about Matt Barkley of USC, the Dawgs Jake Locker, Wildcat Nick Foles and Andrew Luck of Stanford forming the high end of the Pac 10 quarterback hierarchy. Perhaps the forgotten man is Kevin Riley of the Bears. He's the lone senior and from Carson Palmer, to Kyle Boller to Dennis Dixon, there exists a recent trend to tremendous improvement and productivity from a guy's junior season to his finale. He was better as a junior than a sophmore, but never a QB who sent a chill up the spine of a defense. He's looked pretty sharp the 1st two games, albeit against inferior talent. If they get through this one, we'll have our first critical conference matchup with Cal & Arizona next week in the desert.
Again, get in on the action for some free food. Email me your final score for Oregon/Portland State to stevetannen@live or text it to 653 3098. Go Ducks!

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