Monday, September 27, 2010


Still not quite sure what to make of the win at Arizona State. I do believe in leaving the greedy gene at home when watching conference road games. Get the win. Get out of Dodge. Some years back the Lakers trailed the Spurs by a point in Game 5 of a playoff game in the West. Derek Fisher hit a prayer with less than a half second left and didn't even stay around on the court to celbrate. Just ran through the tunnel to the locker room to board the plane back to LA. That's what I felt as Oregon killed the clock late in the win at Tempe. Just get the heck out of there in one piece with a huge victory. I admire the coaches and players on both sides for not using the scorching heat as an excuse. Doesn't mean it didn't play a big role. The execution on both sides was way, way off and I think the temperature impacted the officials as well because at times a fried brain was the only logical explanation.
Pretty sweet that the Game Day crew is heading our way once again. They obviously love it here and realistically, this was pretty much their last shot at an Autzen Saturday where both teams are in the national mix. The UCLA game is a Thursday, Arizona is set for the Friday after Thanksgiving and of course the Huskies stink! Good call on the part of the folks at ESPN.
How about the Bruins with a convincing win at Texas. Sure, the Longhorns appeared to be on the UCLA payroll with 5 costly turnovers including a fumbled punt inside their own 5. Who cares? This was a monster for the Pac 10, just like Stanford punishing another overrated, overhyped Notre Dame team at South Bend.
Right now I'll buy the SEC as the strongest conference. I'm thinking the Pac 10 and Big 10 look to be neck and neck for 2nd. Sure Arizona beat Iowa last week, but that was pretty much a wash. The Wildcats looked far from sharp in barely beating Cal with just 10 points on the board against a defense that got lit up for more than 50 the previous week at Nevada. I still say Ohio State is the best team in America. Then you had Michigan score 65 points and Wisconsin post 70 in concert with the Buckeyes tallying 73. As we hit the meat and potatoes of conference play, gonna be fascinating to see who flexes their muscle and who wilts in the heat.

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Just Sayin.... said...

Arizona State commits 7 turnovers (two returned for touchdowns) and its a big win for Oregon. Texas has 5 and they're on UCLAs payroll?