Thursday, September 23, 2010


Following sports, entertainment and politics, I'm consistently amused at those in the arena who try to redefine words we've known since the second grade. Sorry and mistake come to mind. Much has been made of Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards getting popped for a double the limit DUI. Rather than just cop to what he'd done, he issued the apology, but with a catch. "I'm human, made a mistake". NO NO NO! Just say you're sorry and were stupid and wrong. End of conversation. I heard an interview with Oregon receiver Jeff Mael about how they're prepping for the heat in Tempe this weekend. He says they feel conditioning will work to their advantage when they play "Arizona". Obviously he meant Arizona State. That's a mistake. Not taking steroids, not murdering dogs, not assaulting a woman.
The bottom line is I can't recall a jock who screwed up big actually coming clean. That's another mis-used phrase because it hasn't happened. Some have cited Mark McGwire or Jason Giambi or Andy Pettite who have admitted using performance enhancing drugs. Sure, after they failed a test or were presented with overwhelming evidence or wanted to get a job working in baseball. Not once has a user decided his feelings of guilt or cheating on the job called a press conference to admit what he'd done due to strength of character. That as yet non-existent athlete should be applauded for the absence of a qualifier. Just a simple, I was wrong, please forgive me!
FYI, yesterday's correct trivia answer was Washington in 1990 & 91. The last Pac 10 football program to win outright conference titles back to back prior to USC. As for today, I have a nice combo gift, $10 to Long's Meat Market, $25 to Off the Waffle in Eugene and $25 to 2 Friends Pizza in Springfield. Email the correct answer to or text it 653 3098.
Who was the last Pac 10 team, aside from USC to win the Rose Bowl. I'll need the winner and loser in that game. Good luck!

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