Thursday, September 16, 2010


Was pleased to see Ernie Kent defend his program in today's paper. I just find the whole situation surrounding Mike Dunnigan and some recent Ducks disturbing. I sincerely hope when the dust settles we find an isolated incident or two with a couple of guys just being greedy. You can't fake integrity and despite the on court roller coaster, it would be nice to know the program was as clean as most feel.
Lot being made of last night's Yankees/Rays game in Tampa. Derek Jeter was ruled to be hit by a pitch when it's obvious the ball hit the bottom of his bat. The idiot ump sent him to 1st and he scored when Curtis Granderson went yard. They ended up losing but in such a tight race it could have been a costly mistake by the clowns in blue. I should say "ANOTHER" mistake which has become the rule this season rather than the exception. Anyone who thinks Jeter was out of line by taking his base is a complete and total moron. Really? Should he have told the ump he's not going to first? Please! Let's not be a bunch of drama queens. On today's show I'll play a cut from the Tampa radio call where either Andy Freed or Dave Wills of the Rays Radio network said something along the lines of "the umpires won't change the call because they're afraid of the Yankees". Talk about bush league. I sent them perhaps the most sarcastic, biting e-mail in tech history. I encourage all to bust their balls for eternity.
Remember, I'm taking your prediction for Saturday's final score between the Ducks & PSU for a couple of certificates. $50 for Mio Sushi and the certificate for that $56 pizza from Pizza Pipeline. Email to or text 653 3098. Good Luck!

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