Thursday, September 9, 2010


Heard that Tom Brady was in a car accident near his Boston area home. He was unhurt. Obviously I wasn't there and it's all heresay, but seriously dude, get a haircut. Admit it TB, your hair was in your eyes. Guy looks like he's practicing for a role in the Movie version of "That 70's Show".
NFL season begins this evening with that NFC title game rematch between the Saints and Vikings. Here's a question. I'll hook two of you up with a $25 Track Town pizz certificate. E-mail your answer to or text it 653 3098 to get in the drawing. Who was the last Super Bowl winning team, not defending their title, to win a playoff game the following season. That eliminates the 2004 Patriots who won it all in 03 & that year. Good luck.
I do not like the chances of the Saints to repeat. Way, way too many ?'s on defense. They let LB Scott Fujita walk as a free agent and they're going with a 2 year back up, Jo-Lonn Dunbar in his spot. This after the intended replacement, Jonathan Cassilas went down for the year with an injury. Then in came Clint Ingram who also got dinged and will be out at least the 1st 6 games. Their biggest playmaker from last season, Darren Sharper is out at least 6 games. With that firepower, they'll be good, but repeat? Not!
The Feds in Toronto now have gathered documents from the Blue Jays. It's a box full of medical records regarding the time Roger Clemens spent with the franchise. Is there anyone out there who is rooting for this punk? Do any of you actually think he's innocent? Does he get that if this goes sour, he loses his freedom for a while? What a putz!
If I'm Chip Kelly, Mark Helfrich or a teammate, I've made a recording for Darren Thomas to carry around right up until game time and play on a continuous loop. Live to play another down. Live to play another down. Live to play another down. With all the firepower at his disposal and a pretty thin Vols defense, he doesn't make mistakes they'll hang a bunch of points on these guys and win the game. He gets a bonus for everytime on 1st or 2nd down he throws the ball away if in trouble rather than force it running or passing.

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