Friday, September 24, 2010


Do any of you get as amused as I do about what ticks people off? We saw the list about the sinking "Q" rating of LeBron James making him a hated athlete. On the same list with cheaters and psychopath dog killers. I was watching some reaction to the Miami Heat re-signing their stud Dwayne Wade along with brining in LBJ and Chris Bosh. Here's exactly what happened. Bosh and James honored their contracts. They became free agents. They signed big dollar deals. STOP THE PRESSES! Nothing like this has ever happened in the history of North American sports. People are idiots.
My favorite story today was from SEC country. Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel penned a column documenting the 30 arrests the last few years at Florida under Urban Meyer. A reader tried to defend his coach by claiming Bianchi didn't include the police blotter of other schools. Really? So the deeds of others x-out the actions of the Gator players? Why do we do that? This A.D.D mentality does a heck of a job of trying to twist facts with re-direction. It's childish, ignorant and annoying.
I really like Oregon's chances of putting ASU in their place, even at their place. I'm a trench junkie. The team who gets the upper hand up front generally wins comfortably. The Sun Devil offensive line is very inexperienced. The Duck D-line is deep, quick and smart. On the other side, the UO big uglies are among the best in the country. The State defensive lineman must make plays to slow the Duck offense down similar to what we saw with Ohio State in the Rose Bowl. With how Oregon blocks all around the field, you dont want to rely on open field tackles to save your bacon. Their line has not gotten to the QB much this season with only 4 sacks in their 3 games. Remember, they posted lopsided wins against Portland State and Northern Arizona putting the opposition in must throw situations.
I'd be really nervous if I were an Oregon State fan. They've surrendered 450 total yards in both games, and have been downright awful on defense stopping the opponent on 3rd down. Louisville is mediocre in a generous world and converted 7 of 15. TCU was a ridiculous 11 of 17. That's a "D" that's not finishing series and getting marched on. Now they play Boise State at that place. This is a severe upgrade like going from a Motel 6 to a Westin. I really think that 18 point line is a gift. BSU rolls huge in this one.
Okay, time to give away some loot. Up for grabs is a $10 gift certificate for Long's Meat Mkt, & the last $25 2 Friends Pizza certificate. Email the answer to or text it to 653-3098. Who was the last team to beat Boise State at their place?

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