Wednesday, September 15, 2010


If you've been a semi-regular listener to the shows, I've made it apparent the Michael Dunnigan situation was always out of whack. Why is he waiting so long to let his teammates and coaches know what his plans were? Reports now surfacing that he received extra benefits while playing at Oregon. He has informed all he's bolting to play professionally overseas. Thanks a bunch big fella. I will lead with my heart, but based on what I've read the school sensed red flags before he announced he's leaving and let the NCAA know right off. I see no way around the fact he's acted in a selfish, immature and shady manner so good riddence. This definitely goes in the books as an underachieving collegiate career.
As for the whole Reggie Bush Heisman return, I find it boring. By giving it back he's admitting guilt and there is no way around that. Leave the line blank and explain the circumstances. As for Vince Young or Matt Leinart getting the piece of hardware, please! Bush was the best player in the country that year and I don't think it was close. Remember, the ballots were cast before the National Title victory by VY's Longhorns and that was his best game. Let's move on.
I heard a some interesting comments from Chip Kelly about an issue that surfaces with really good football teams. When to remove the starters. Coach uses a pretty basic formula. How many points are they ahead by? How many posessions do they determine the opposition has left? If the numbers add up to game over, it's time to get the depth chart guys some work. Makes sense to me.
I have a couple of gift certificates left. $56 bucks for one of those monster pizzas from Pizza Pipeline, plus a $50 for Mio Sushi in Eugene. Text to 653-3098 or email to your predicted score for this week's Portland State game. Winner gets both!

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