Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I may have been unclear about a few things. I know the Ducks benefitted from a U-Haul filled with ASU turnovers. I also cited UCLA from benefitting from a bunch of Texas miscues. Certainly Oregon is not brilliant for causing the cough-ups while UCLA was lucky. I was trying to defend the Duck's conservative approach on offense by pointing out what happened to the Sun Devils in trying to open up their playbook in that sweltering heat. If you see the nature of the Texas/UCLA game, the Bruins had scoring drives of 2 & 4 yards, under 30 yards passing and less than 300 total yards in the game. No reason to think they put points on the board sans the gifts. Oregon had some success on offense despite pretty much taking the 4th quarter off, compiling more than 400 total yards. Still a monster victory for the Uclans at Austin and I won't try to take that away.
Looks like Greg Oden will not be available for the Blazer's opener on October 26th. It's a bit harsh, but at this point he's much closer to a bust than some Portland fans would care to admit. He's played 82 games in 3 years. Do the math, he's made zero contribution for 2/3rds of his NBA existence. This is the final year of his contract. If he is not making a legit contribution as a healthy NBA big man by season's end, it's time to cut ties and move on.
So GameDay is again setting up shop in Eugene. I've heard from a few folks who've read or been told about a movement to either have fans come decked out in Yellow or Black. I've never been big on any of this, but black is completely stupid. It's one of Oregon State's colors. Period. End of debate. If you all want to have a "Blank-Out", how about Green? Just not Black.

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I think Oden and Beasley are the biggest question marks for players living up to their potential. Each of them have played for a few years with mediocre results, whereas Blake Griffin hasnt really had an opportunity to play in the league and prove his worth. The former have proven to be busts so far, and the latter is still in question.