Tuesday, September 14, 2010


My dad will be turning 75 in early December. He's been married twice. Had some health issues involving his heart. I live nearly 3-thousand miles away. Yet, on a consistent basis, I don't think he's been caused more aggravation and sleep deprivation in area more than being a Jets fan. I'm wondering if I can sue them for inflicting cruel and unusual punishment on a decent man. We probably spoke 10 times during last night's nightmare loss at home to Baltimore to begin the season. Throw in the Yankees losing in extra innings to Tampa on a walk off homer to fall out of first place and I'm concerned.
I can not believe the offensive game plan designed and called by coordinator Brian Shottenheimer! Against the best defensive franchise we've seen in a quarter century and they are afraid to sling the ball down the field. Cowardly lion playcalling leaving those great defenders to pretty much concern themselves with covering about 20 yards. Idiots!
Tonight ESPN is running one of those great 30-30 specials. The focus is the rivalry and friendship between Chrissie Evert and Martina Navratilova. I don't think Martina has gotten her proper due as one of the most dominant athletes ever in any sport. Of course she was royally screwed by corporate America who ignored her because of her suspected sexual preference. Typical gutless, fear oriented decision making. Gabriella Sabatini, who won one major was showered with endorsement and commercial deals because she was keen on the eyes, but Martina with 18 Grand Slam titles was shunned. What a disgrace. I'm looking forward to this one because I remember their legendary matches and the class & grace each champion displayed then and now!

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