Monday, April 23, 2012


Been hearing from some of you about members of the national media and commentators in other markets knocking the Ducks for the recent "whole lotta weed" story.  It's meaning less.  Those concerned about the hit Oregon or any other school in this place takes to reputation are wasting their time.  For openers that 17 to 22 age group is not a strong sports radio demographic.  Think about this.  A coach outside the U of O is trying to use that against them in recruiting.  But the kid loves the offense and visits Eugene on Game Day.  The place is packed and face it, for the most part Oregon rolls.  The attention is huge on ESPN.  It's big time college football.  Really concerned the young guy is worried about some dunderhead they don't know spewing idiotic numbers about pot?  Please!  Sure, the parents or guardians might ask a question or two but will they really conclude it's a serious problem here versus Tempe, Southern Cal or Columbus.  Each program has it's warts.  Unless the NCAA pulls schollies or issues sanctions, words don't damage a top flight program.
I'm almost ready to pity Ron Artest.  If he wasn't such a jack ass.  Seriously, at age 32 you have the exact same emotional control and maturity as you did in college?  At least when he helped ignite the Malice at the Palace in 2004 he was only 25.  What truly disturbs me about his flagrant elbow to the side of James Harden's head was it didn't follow his usual insanity.  Mostly his childish acting out is in retaliation or aimed at a player or fan who has drawn his wrath.  This was random.  The typical wack job who is so focused on their immediate emotional needs that everyone else is potential collateral damage.  Another level of idiocy exists in the timing.  So selfish & out of control he will cost his team the good things he brings to the table on the court during the playoffs.  Guys have busted butt all season to likely grab a 3 seed with a shot at the grand prize but because one ass hat put himself above the rest, their hard work suffers. 
Later this week as we approach the draft we'll shoot down some myths.

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