Monday, April 2, 2012


Just read that Phil Knight was being inducted into the 2012 Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. Really? I can think of many halls he's worthy of including generosity, progressive and the like, but hoops? Aside from posthumously naming the new facility after his son, I was unable to even come up with a connection. I get the whole Nike/Jordan/commercials deal, but had you even considered Uncle Phil until this surfaced? I thought the selection of Don Nelson was interesting. Really good head coach. In 2007 engineered one of those rare #8 seeds taking out a #1 with his Warriors small balling their way past Dallas. Career playoff record of 75 & 91. Never even took a team to the league finals. Maybe if you incorporate his contribution as a long time player with the Celtics? Bridged the gap between the Bill Russell led dynasty and was part of 3 NBA Champs, then won a couple in the mid-70's with Dave Cowens. I'll call this decision "debatable".
Love the pick of Reggie Miller. With Ray Allen, one of the premiere snipers of all time. Did not get the brass ring but won a ton of playoff games and of course with UCLA a terrific college player. Bruins didn't do much, though they won the NIT when he was a sophmore then made the Dance his last year, the 1st of the 3 point shot and won a game before getting run by Wyoming.
Major kudos to LeMichael James for tweeting out a couple of times this weekend his stance against the Ducks closing spring practice. Nice to see a former player with a very solid reputation not follow this seemingly unecessary measure.

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