Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I really liked Ozzie Guillen's apology yesterday. I bought it. For openers, no script. Too often a celeb gets caught being an idiot and they read a prepared statement obviously put together by a lawyer or an agent. Guillen threw himself on the mercy of the court. The bottom line is what he said painting Fidel Castro in any kind of a positive light was inconceivable to the Cuban population of South Florida. You're talking about people with first hand knowledge of atrocities against friends and family from this dictator. Could you imagine the blowback if say around 2009 Phil Jackson said you have to admire Osama Bin Laden for his ability to elude capture since 9-1-1? What if Yankees manager Casey Stengel in 1950 called Hitler a brilliant strategist. How do you think those who lost loved ones in World War II, or the European Jews who survived the Holocaust would have reacted? While most of us have no personal connection to the Cuban population in America who escaped Castro's regime, imagine those circumstances. Ozzie is lucky to still have his job.
Bobby Petrino? Not so much. Well done by Arkansas A.D Jeff Long, though once the mountain of evidence presented itself, there was only one true path. What disturbs me is the support for the former coach. While the circumstances differ in the specifics and certianly the vile nature, there is one constant to be observed from the messes at Ohio State, Penn State and this one in Fayetteville. An element of fans who think only in terms of winning. None of the clown coaches who engaged in those cases of misplaced priority and deception in an effort to protect their jobs & program survived which is a good thing. The mindless, follower, puppet mentality still scares the crap out of me!

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