Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Due to injuries, a dip in dominance and other issues, I've heard the steroid accusations hurled in the direction of Tiger Woods in recent months and years. Obviously I don't trust this guy cause if he'd cheat on his wife and 2 babies, he's not worthy. I get the value of PED's or certain substances on healing, but making you a great golfer? I don't care what substance you ingest, it will not help you drop an 8 foot par putt up one shot on the 15th hole on Masters Sunday. Can't see it aiding that high cut 5 iron from 228 yards out that nestles 9 feet from the cup at the British Open on the back nine of the final round with the world watching. I'm always willing to play the skeptic card, but I'm not buying here.
About a decade ago Augusta National caught heat for not allowing women. Then chairman Hootie Johnson said someday it would be considered but the decision would be theirs and not at the end of a bayonet. He was responding to Martha Burke of the National Council of Women who had staged a protest and threatened to target tournament sponsors. Augusta then decided to put the event on themselves with no advertisers. End of problem. Then. Now the trouble is traditionally the CEO of IBM is a member. Has been since 1981. As of now, an invite has not been extended to the current CEO. Yup! It's a woman, Virginia Rometty. Here we go again!
Regardless of how this turns out, I can't wait to watch the tournament and I'm equally pumped for the official start of baseball season. Yippee!

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