Tuesday, April 17, 2012


It's rare you'll direct someone from your website to another, but baseball fans must read the piece by Tom Verducci on the Sports Illustrated site. Just navigate to Inside Baseball. It's time to rethink an issue that's never sat right with me. The automatic 9th inning move to the closer. I used to scream at Lou Pinella from the right field bleachers during many a game at Yankee Stadium when he was the skipper. New York on the lead. Top of the 9th. In comes Dave Raghetti. I believe this mentality cost the Yanks the East title in 1985 & a shot to catch Boston in 1986. You do have exceptions. What Mariano Rivera is doing borders on insane for durability and productivity. Otherwise, it's rare you see lights out over anything more than a 3-4 year period, if that. The article I alluded to presents a great case using the massive data now available. I compared it to how we must now view football with the information available on concussions, head & neck injuries and related issues.
One of the funniest cracks I've heard in weeks came from a writer who covers the A.C.C. Says the conference hasn't had a legit Heisman contender in a decade. He blamed Midwest & West Coast media bias. I just loved that remark. Shine a light on how ridiculous it is to blame the media for your team or program's shortcomings.
I'm I the only one who responded "DUH" when word came down Saints coach Sean Payton was not permitted to have any kind of contact with any one in the NFL? Kind of the point of the suspension for this kind of action no??

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