Tuesday, April 3, 2012


This whole Ryan Leaf saga is a bit unnerving. Sure the guy was a classless lowlife as a professional athlete. Treated people like garbage, played like crap and got run out of the league. Is generally viewed as one of the biggest high level draft busts in NFL or NBA history. Now he's been arrested in almost back to back fashion for breaking and entering in search of prescription painkillers. It's easy to dump on the guy. My take is as a rule when a celeb, be it Limbaugh or Lohan is exposed as an addict and needs rehab I get suspicious. I think far too often they hire big ticket lawyers to use that as an excuse to tap dance around the legal system and keep their sorry butts out of jail. In this case you get a sense Leaf is just weak & succombed to the demons. Doesn't excuse his lack of character as a member of the Chargers, but he's in trouble and might do best behind bars or in some kind of treatment facility to save his life.
All hail the Kentucky Wildcats. It's one of those cases where the best team all season, capped it off with a championship. Their fans don't deserve it. From the moronic fight at a dialysis clinic to the destruction they inflicted on the city of Lexington Saturday night after beating Louisville to last night's horror where a man was shot. I sent out a tweet earlier congratulating them. Celebrating with guns is exactly what Mid-East terrorist do. Impressive no?
MLB season gets rolling tomorrow night, then by Saturday, it's go time. This is going to be a terrific season. I love the Matt Cain signing by the Giants. Today on SportsTalk, I'll explain why it sets up the franchise for years to come.

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