Monday, April 16, 2012


Laughed pretty hard when I heard new Boston Red Sox skipper Bobby Valentine tear into Kevin Youklis for his attitude. Been saying since day one that Valentine is completely ridiculous in this posistion. Certain managing & coaching gigs require more than a knowledge of x's & o's. This is clearly one of them. Operating in this kind of fish bowl is a different deal. The manager of the Bosox must form a reflective shield for his players. Success will breed a good reputation for the manager, not throwing his best players in front of a bus to the media. Bobby V has always been about Bobby V. I've mentioned it before but no one in the solar system has a higher opinion of this guy than this guy. Calling out Yook for his work ethic or approach to the game is obscene. The guy brings a fire that is reminiscent of the all time greats. He takes outs and poor at bats personally. That hasn't changed, just the knucklehead putting his name in the lineup. They had the perfect guy in Terry Francona. He was to the Bosox what Joe Torre was to the South Bronx. He stood between the media, irrational fans and his guys. Let them do their thing. I get that Boston came unglued a bit last September, but much of that went to pitching. It's not like they rolled over and played dead. They remained in the playoff hunt until the final pitch of the regular season. I'm thinking the curse is back on. Yes, that's a really big smile on my face.

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