Tuesday, April 10, 2012


You hear them in the form of proclamations. You shouldn't have to walk down the street fearing some nutbar will club you over the head for your cash. BUT YOU CAN'T! You should be able to express your opionion without some over sensitive group taking offense. BUT YOU CAN'T! Ozzie Guillen is certainly entitled to his thoughts on Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro. His employers can also decide it's no longer appropriate for him to keep his job. The fans in South Florida can also stay away from the new park! That whole freedom thing can be a 2 way street, and truth be told, not so free. We have freedoms, but for the most part someone paid a price. Public figures who say moronic things then are surprised when they get hammered are pretty ignorant. I thought Ozzie was a rarity. Got caught with his foot in his mouth and actually seemed to mean his apology. More importantly he did not offer up the token apology to put it behind him. He talked about SHOWING how sorry he was. Dealing with it. It was a stupid thing to say and because he owned it, Guillen will have a chance to get off the hook. I think!
This whole Bobby Petrino issue cracks me up. The circumstances are different. Certainly not in the same league from a horrific standpoint, but the mentality is eerily similar to Penn State. Lie. Hide. Obstruct. Protect. Never put safety first, but the football program. This idiot was really banged up but was unwilling to call 9-1-1 because he would be exposed as a philandering scumbag! I love the fact they held a rally for him today & 200 people showed up. One of the organizers, Matt Couch, even admitted most would not have offered their support if the team had been less successful last season. They won 11 games and landed at #5 in the country. I was pleased to see a good chunk of Hog fans & alum NOT favoring the coach which was kind of refreshing out of the SEC. Remember, Petrino is from this neck of the woods, Montana. Began his coaching career in the Big Sky conference. I think that absolutely is an issue. Be very curious to see how this whole thing plays out.

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