Thursday, April 19, 2012


Gotta be honest, I caught the Pat Summitt press conference announcing her stepping down as head coach at Tennessee and had the box of kleenex at the ready. Turns out she was the pillar of strength and composure you'd expect from a true titan. Sports media, like it's bretheren tends to get caught up in the hysterics or hype story of the day. Nothing was more substantial than coach Summitt retiring. She's on that list with John Wooden, Vince Lombardi tell me.
I don't buy all of this Ducks on weed story. We know college students and athletes toke. The percentage is a tad sketchy. I can't imagine it's as high as the 60% the stoner reported or minimal. I love the fact random testing is out because of state law. If probable cause exists, grab the pee cup. Otherwise we fought and beat the Nazi's in the 1940's. We always hear about how awful math skills have become. So now all of a sudden some Stoner McGee blazing up is offering specific statistics? I bet a majority of students couldn't use the proper formula to even determine how many of their teammates equals 40 or 60%. I'd be very surprised if Oregon players were substantially different than the average D1 program.

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