Monday, February 20, 2012


I crack up when folks blog, call or speak out against the hype. We've heard for years how people are sick of Tiger Woods or Yankees versus Red Sox. Then when another group is in the hunt for a major or teams other than NY or Boston are on, the TV ratings take a hammering. Same thing with Jeremy Lin. Lot of out cry regarding over exposure. Then you read the downloads of stories on various sports sites get 5 times more than the second choice. It's like when you speak with someone who talks about the books they read or shows they watch. While the topic of Masterpiece Theater might surface, secretly they watch Pawn Stars or The Kardashians. Just admit it, you pay attention to the latest be it Tebowmania or Linsanity. For the record, Knicks & Mavs yesterday was the 3rd highest rating ever for ABC for an NBA game that did not take place on Christmas Day.
Good win for the Ducks in Palo Alto. Consider the hell hole Maples Pavillion has been for a quarter century, this is not to be taken for granted. Had they swept the Bay Area schools you'd find Oregon on the good side of the NCAA bubble. Now if they win the Civil War in Corvallis and sweep at home against Utah and Colorado they'll enter the Pac 12 tournament with a shot a making a move and perhaps grabbing an at large. Thanks to Stanford for a paint chipping performance from the line missing half their 22 attempts.
I read that Manny Ramirez has a deal with the Oakland A's. He still has to serve a 50 game suspension. He'd be eligible to return on June 2nd. I'm thinking he's 50/50 to ever see the field. Let's just say I don't trust this guy.

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