Tuesday, February 28, 2012


The mess at Daytona yesterday had me doing the check in. Could not help thinking about folks who just can't look away from a car wreck. Imagine 43 cars going 180, in the rain, with the occasional explosion? Weird, wild stuff. Odd that the winner, Matt Kenseth, also won a rain shortened 500 back in 2009. Even odder that I'm spending time on this blog writing about it.
Thank heavens the NBA gets back to work tonight. Watching repeats of weekend games on ESPNU or playing Wii tennis drinking wine can only cause trouble.
The Rams looking to deal the #2 pick is about as cut and dry as you can get in a crap shoot like the draft and sports in general. If St. Louis is committed to Sam Bradford at QB for the next 2-3 years, gotta make a move to acquire as many legit front liners as possible. Factor in a guy like Robert Griffin III who might be a home run selection and the opportunity is too great to pass up. Now let's see who wants RG3 enough to pony up some value.
Wow is this a huge game for the Ducks on Thursday. Biggest tilt in Eugene since the victory over Arizona nearly 4 years ago iced a trip to March Madness. Was pleased the U of O put together a "Men's Basketball Finale Package" giving fans a shot at a discount for these last 2 games to wrap the regular season. In essence two of you can attend both Colorado and Utah for just over $50 bucks. Wise to make sure the Matt is rocking with so much at stake.

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