Friday, February 17, 2012

Lin-sanity, by Casey Mitchell

This is Casey Mitchell guest blogging for ST today. It looks that the hype is for real and so is Jeremy Lin. With 171 points, Lin sets the record for most points in his first seven starts since the NBA - ABA merger in 1976. If his first three starts didn't impress you enough, dropping 38 on Kobe and the Lakers should have caught your attention. Even people across the border are buying into Lin-sanity. I was amazed to see the reaction from an opposing crowd after a player just made a shot to beat your team. Not even when Kobe Bryant dropped 61 against the Knicks in Madison Square Garden, did an opposing crowd go crazy like when Jeremy Lin shoots the ball. He showed that he can shoot and he can pass with 13 assists against the Kings on Wednesday. What is really impressive to me is the way he can take a team from the cellar to .500 and a huge threat in the playoff race. Before Lin became a starter, New York was 8-15 and near the bottom of the division. Now they have won seven straight and are now 15-15. Once Melo gets back and healthy, it will be interesting to see how Lin's game will change. I think his assist numbers will improve but he won't attempt the same amount of shots. Anthony has already said he expects to be the "last shot guy," but I'm not sure if that would be the best thing for the team. Sure, Carmelo is the seasoned veteran and has made some clutch shot in his days but let's face it, Jeremy Lin is the guy in New York right now.The only thing to be concerned about, is that Lin has turned the ball over nearly 6 times per game since becoming a full time starter.
Not long after leaving the game, Randy Moss has decided to come out of retirement and take the field again. The only problem is finding a team. The Vikings have already said they don't have any interest in bringing Moss back. There are a lot of teams that are looking to rebuild for years to come, and that doesn't include signing a 35 year old receiver past his prime. Don't get me wrong, back in his hay-day, Moss was one of the best players in the game. I just don't see him being a huge asset to a team next year.

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