Thursday, February 23, 2012


I can't even focus on my job. I nearly drove off the road. Last night and again this morning on the tube I saw this horrifying insurance commercial. A guy talking to an agent accidentally recited lyrics from some garbage Journey song. Then they acknowledged a "Journey" moment and the horrifying song played behind a voice over. What happened to my America? When did weenie music and morons and no talent hacks hijack their way into the fabric of our lives? Naturally I blame reality TV, Will Farrel and lame rock music program directors who refuse to take a stand and regurgitate awful music that passes for classic rock. It's the same mentality that allows that terrible "Hey" song to be played at college sporting events even though it's the brainchild of a kiddie porn addict and child molester like Garry Glitter. Standards people! Standards!
So now a group of fans in South Florida have begun a campaign to get management to lure Peyton Manning to the Dolphins. Really?? It's called "Manning to Miami". So sign the guy even if the medical community isn't sure he can play quarterback in the NFL? As mentioned earlier, MORONS!
Media and fans here in the west need to stop acting like their fantasy idea of East Coast bias has anything to do with how bad the Pac 12 is in hoops right now. You can make a case that in the recent history of major basketball conferences, the Pac in 2012 has reset the standard, in the wrong direction. Again, none of the dozen has a victory over a team that's either currently or was ranked in the top 25. Find me another case that matches this & I'll get off my soapbox. I'm not holding my breath!

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