Monday, February 6, 2012


I know fans are miserable about the way the Duck loss at Colorado ended. It was a horrible, gutless call by the officiating crew. For the 8-millionth time I'll emphatically state that referees do not determing the outcome of games. They don't turn their back on defense, committ turnovers or brick foul shots. Those issues put teams in a position to be victimized by attrocious officiating.
As for Super Sunday. Wow! The first half was not well played. You got the sense the title would be awarded by default. Things got a tad snappier in the 2nd. If I hear another fan or media type call what happened late in the game on an attempt from Brady to Wes Welker a flat out drop I'm gonna lose it. Sure, Welker usually hauls that in but it was far from Tom Terrific's best. Ball was not on the money. End of story. Put it this way, Mrs. Brady aka Giselle, was heard ripping the receivers after the game. Classy!
Did you hear about Alberto Contador getting stripped of his 2010 Tour De France title for doping? What sets the dirty record? MLB from the mid 90's thru the Mitchell report? Cycling? Weightlifting? Pro Wrestling? It's all charming.
I can not wait to get your thoughts on the array of issues lighting up the sports pages today!

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