Monday, February 13, 2012


Was reading some of what went down in State College related to the Sandusky child molestation case. If sleaze bothers you this case is your worst nightmare. It's going to get much more revealing and disgusting before the dust settles. Already the mouthpiece for Tim Curley, disgraced former athletic director has asked the case to be tossed against his client. Says Joe Paterno's was vital to the prosecution and of course Paterno just died. Basically their M.O was look the other way at repeated child rape then hope a key witness drops dead. The judge also asked Sandusky to stay inside as neighbors felt uncomfortable with his sitting on his deck watching children at a nearby elementary school. They've set a tentative trial date for the middle of May. That should add a charming touch to the merry, merry month.
Very nice win by the Ducks Saturday afternoon against Washington State. On the heels of the top to bottom demolition of the Dawgs, you might have anticipated a slight let down. There was. Early. I thought the guys were a bit sloppy with the ball and on defense got lost a few times leading to some easy Coug buckets. The continued outstanding shooting kept them at or near the lead all 1st half long and sent them to the break on top. About midway through the 2nd half, Wazzou's Abe Lodwick, a Bend area kid, dropped a three to put WSU up by 3. Here I'm thinking they best not fall into one of those extended offensive droughts they've been prone to. They didn't and it was due to terrific effort. Both Devoe Joseph and EJ Singler followed misses with tip ins. A trey by EJ off a nice find by DJ gave them the lead at the 6 minute mark they would not relinquish. Well done and it positioned them for this critical road trip to the Bay Area. On today's show I'll share some of what I experienced in the far reaches of section 105 as far as volume, distractions and my continued confusion over a horrifying song.
Gotta throw out an R.I.P to Whitney Houston a Jersey girl from Newark who was as gifted a singer as I've ever heard. Unfortunately she was never able to shake the demons that chased her via various substances. She will be missed.

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