Tuesday, February 7, 2012


So Patriot fans are hammering Tom Brady for a less than stellar performance in Super Bowl 46? Wow! What would their attitude be if they didn't even qualify for the big game, pitch forks and torches. Not surprising as over my 4-plus decades the Boston fans have always had that turncoat, the world is ending, mentality. Philly fans are nuts. New York fans are mean. Notre Dame football fans are deluded. Boston fans have always been self-righteous and entitled. I think it stems from the Celtics, perhaps the biggest whiners of all. New England has a legit shot to get back to the biggest stage in sports in a year. Why? Tom Brady.
What's with the high profile basketball teams from the state of Oregon and the officials. Saturday night the dunderhead refs in Boulder call a phantom foul on EJ Singler as time expires to gift wrap a game winning free throw by Colorado. Last night in Portland the Blazers are up 2 on Oklahoma City with time winding down in the 4th. Kevin Durant drives to the rack but LaMarcus Aldridge makes a sweet block, smacking the rock off the glass with 6 seconds left. Of the 3 officials, the clown farthest from the bucket calls goaltending. It wasn't. This is not a debate, just an atrocious call. The Thunder won in overtime. It's not bad enough the Trailblazers and their fans have to look at Kevin Durant and think about what might have been if they called his name instead of Greg Oden. This was just cruel.
The Mariners are the team with the earliest reporting day for pitchers and catchers. Saturday. Most others begin filtering into their respective Cactus & Grapefruit League locations starting on the 18th, a week from Saturday. It's a beautiful thing!

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