Thursday, February 2, 2012


21 names. A reason to get excited about Oregon football after the Rose Bowl and before the start of Spring practice. Once upon a time a 5-star, nationally pursued talent might take a peek in the direction of Eugene then land in Columbus, LA or Gainesville. The times are not changing, they've already changed. I'd say there are more blue chippers in the last 2 Duck recruiting classes than existed from the beginning of time until say the arrival of Haloti Ngata in 2003 combined. Now we'll wait and see if these successes will continue the roll that has placed this program among the nation's elite.
Must acknowledge the passing of Angelo Dundee, the guy who trained Ali. All those years. All those legendary moments. The controversy. The entertainment. Always at the side of The Champ. It was magical just to hear Howard Cosell say his name. A couple of weeks back at age 90 he mustered the energy to be in attendance at Ali's 70th birthday party. He also trained Sugar Ray Leonard. Just as importantly he had credibility and lacked that sleazy Don King element that too often dragged boxing through the mud. You'll hear the word "integrity" attached to Dundee, a terrific tribute to this Hall of Famer.

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