Tuesday, February 14, 2012


For years I've been unable to get my head out of the 12 year old gutter. I always do a show on this day and ask people if they catch the irony of the initials of this day of love?? Sure it's sophmoric but consider the source. For today we have many questions to ask you. What are your sports loves?? What about sports do you love to hate? Who were and are some of your sports crushes? I'm calling on our female listeners in particular. This is your day. Time to make your contribution.
I used to preface segments like this with "I can't believe". No more. Unfortunately it appears we're failing to grow as a society. From reporter Jason Whitlock to boxer Floyd Mayweather, their blatant racist comments about the Knick's Jeremy Lin. Insinuating his attention if soley based on his Asian descent. Morons. The kid was born in LA and raised in Palo Alto. Mayweather is a Hall of Fame talent but has also taken shots at Manny Pacquiao. In anticipation of the only fight we want to see but might not he went off on a youtube rant. Said he was gonna make Manny make him a sushi roll and some rice. One catch. Pacquiao is from the Phillipines and not Asian. Once again we find ignorance knows no racial, social, or economic boundaries. It just shows up and the best among us rise above it.

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