Tuesday, June 1, 2010


By the time 1980 rolled around, we Knicks fans did not love the NBA as we had during the late 60's therough the mid 1970's. My lone solace was rooting against the Celtics. I've said it many times during my years on Sportstalk that I rode the Laker bandwagon just to antagonize Beantown. Oddsmakers have LA a solid favorite. Bet $50 on the Lakers and get $73 back. That same half a C-note gets you $125 on the Bostons. I've said all year I don't see a team capable of beating this Laker team, when healthy, 4 out of 7. Not backing off now. Los Angeles might be inconsistent and not look so sharp some nights, but the Celtics just look worn out at times because of their age. I think that gives LA an edge. A Laker win also brings us closer to the unthinkable. When Boston beat Houston to win the 1986 championship, it was their 16th title and their total seemed out of reach. With LA winning it all in 87, 88, 2000, 01, 02 and 09 they've bumped that total to 15. Boston of course won all the marbles 2 years ago and have 17 banners. LA can sneak within one. Red Auerbach is spinning in his grave. To offer up a comparison, in the NHL, the Canadians have won the Stanley Cup 23 times, the Toronto Maple Leafs are second with 13, the Red Wings a distant 3rd at 11. In baseball, the Yankees last year captured their 27th World Series title. The St. Louis Cardinals are second with 10.
By now we've all seen the video of the Angels Kendry Morales breaking his leg after his game winning grand slam Saturday against the Mariners. If I read another piece or hear another commentator call for a ban on celebrations, I'm losing it. Really? Don't celebrate in sports. One idiot lands funny and we throw the baby out with the bath water. Get a grip people. These things have a way of working themselves out. Then next guy to go yard in walk off fashion will be a little more careful. Let's not go overboard!


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statefarmboy said...

I use to be a Kansas City Kings fan, but I jumped on the Los Angeles Lakers bandwagon when the local cable company replaced the Kansas City superstation with the one in Atlanta – maybe the 1979/1980 season? Why the Lakers? Because the Lakers games were shown on broadcast television (ABC, CBS and NBC) way more often than the Kings.